Carolyn Coombs

Owner & Teacher


Carolyn grew up in Baltimore, MD where she enjoyed a very active life, playing lacrosse, swimming, running, kickboxing, and practicing Bikram yoga. She moved to New York City in 2004 to attend Parsons School of Design and in 2009, she discovered Classical Pilates and fell in love with the method. Within a few short months, she noticed an improvement in her asthma, her runs became longer, her body leaner, and her general health improved.

In September 2012, she began studying under Brooke Siler and Cary Regan at re:AB Pilates. After completing over 800 hours of training, she graduated the program and became a senior teacher at re:AB as well as Equinox Printing House and Plank Pilates. In March 2014, Carolyn, her husband, and their pup moved from New York City to San Francisco. Carolyn began teaching at Dharmaspace Pilates in March 2014 and in August of 2014, she purchased what is now Keep It Classical Pilates.

A passionate teacher who infuses every session with knowledge, energy, sweat and laughter, Carolyn is thrilled to be able to share her love of the Classical method with San Francisco and to grow her studio in this vibrant and exciting city.





Kelly grew up in Redmond, WA, where from a young age, she lived a very active lifestyle. Her passions ranged from running, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, dance and performing arts. After many years of an energetic and lively routine, she settled into a desk job that wreaked havoc on her alignment and general health. Kelly started practicing Pilates as a method of pain management, and soon realized it was her calling.

She moved to New York City in 2011 and continued her Classical Pilates practice at re:AB Pilates. There she began her teacher training under the tutelage of Brooke Siler and Cary Regan in 2013. In 2015 she moved to San Francisco, and continued her Pilates education with The Pilates Center of Boulder's satellite studio, The Pilates Workshop, under Erika Groff and Susanne Staehr. Kelly has completed combined total of 1300 hours of teacher training, and continues to further her education at workshops and lectures.

Kelly helps her clients reach their goals through personally designed sessions, and is delighted to give each and every one of them the gift of health that Pilates has given her.


Miki Kim



Miki is originally from Seoul, South Korea and came to the United States to study in health science. While she was in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, she was encouraged to pursue her career as a Pilates teacher by Dr. Chung who had been coaching her weight lifting and cardio exercises. After a single session on apparatus, she experienced the total transformation of her body and life which includes relief from back pain, increased flexibility, and a good night of sleep.

In 2015, she was introduced to Classical Pilates by one of her colleague while teaching in Korea. She was deeply inspired to learn the exercise in its original form taught by Joseph Pilates. She began Classical Pilates teacher certification program under Martt Lawrence and Dorothee VandeWalle. She completed more than 700 hours of apprenticeship and was fully certified in 2017 June. She believes that Classical Pilates provides the foundation for healthy life and should be offered for everyone. 

Miki tailors each session to a client’s needs to improve precision in muscle control, strength, and flexibility. Clients will gain quality of movements and function by creating body awareness, coordination, and endurance. She’s been teaching Pilates since 2014, and holds a BS degree in Human Nutrition at UIUC.


Louis Acquisto



Louis, a professional dancer, found pilates as a means to rehab from a potentially devastating injury. Since then, his training has supplemented his pursuit of greater physicality and body awareness. Louis received his certification in Classical Pilates from Metropolitan Pilates under the tutelage of Dorothee VandeWalle. Louis loves the efficiency and simplicity of Pilates and how after every session the body feel energized and capable of so much more. Not only does Louis enjoy sharing his knowledge with his clients but his laid back, positive attitude encourages them to strengthen and stretch their whole body regardless of their prior fitness background.