"Carolyn is amazing to work with! I've noticed tremendous changes in my abilities as well as the way my body looks and feels since starting with her. I'm stronger, leaner, and more toned!  She knows exactly when to push me for the progress I'm looking for while understanding my working level. I always get a great workout from Carolyn and leave our sessions feeling refreshed and accomplished."
— Stephanie Y.

"In the year I have been working with Carolyn I have not only improved my flexibility but I also dropped a dress size. I originally started Pilates a number of years ago as I was told it might help with some shoulder (mouse overuse) issues I was having.  Not only did Pilates help address my shoulder issues I discovered a life long addiction.  As a result I have taken classes with a number of different instructors and at a number of different locations.  A lot of Pilates instructors can provide a solid workout; what is more rare is an instructor who understand how the exercises work with the client’s body and can suggest modifications for injuries (or structural issues).  Carolyn is great at this and I would highly recommend taking sessions with her.  She is not only good at breaking down each exercise so you know what you are doing (and why) but she is also very hands on which is so helpful because it allows you the opportunity to understand how a movement should work and build towards using the right muscles.  As a result, it is super rewarding to work with her as you see the progress both in terms of understanding and physically results.  To top things off she is just plain fun to work with which makes those days when the workout is a bit more challenging fly by."
— Janel B.

"I really look forward to my twice- weekly sessions with Carolyn. She tailors workouts to my needs and goals, and modifies exercises seamlessly when necessary. I always leave feeling stronger and longer!"
— Taly J.

"I can't recommend Carolyn enough for high level Classical Pilates training. Despite having worked with various Pilates trainers in a gym environment for over ten years, I am only now seeing the optimal results that Classical Pilates can provide. There is a substantial difference in teaching methods and attention to detail between the two approaches. Carolyn is truly a master instructor, as well as a wonderful coach. Her attention to detail makes each session run efficiently and the training is incredibly focused. I feel challenged and excited each week. Best of all, I am improving and developing the core strength I only dreamed of!"
— Chris A.

"I really enjoy working with Carolyn. She always knows exactly the right exercises for each session based on what is happening with my body that day, and what has worked or been challenging in past sessions (she seems to remember everything we've done before). She varies the exercises constantly, but in a way that makes every session build on the last one. Most amazing is how she uses subtle micro-adjustments that make each exercise do exactly what is needed for my body in that moment. On top of it all, she approaches her sessions with enthusiasm and a gentle firmness that leaves me feeling strengthened and nurtured at the same time. You can't go wrong with Carolyn!"
— Martin W.

"Carolyn is a fantastic Pilates instructor and I really look forward to my weekly sessions with her. I have chronic injuries, and Carolyn helps me build strength in a safe and supportive way, modifying exercises as needed for what my body is able to do that day. She's also helping me strengthen my core and even out the muscle imbalances that have developed in my body due to my injuries. Every session is different, challenging, and fun and makes me a happier and healthier person. When other priorities in my life cause me to miss my weekly sessions, I feel terrible and can't wait to get back into the studio. Highly recommended!"
— Debbie L.